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party for your right to fight
One thing we know how to do here in Wisconsin is drink and party. Mostly because there's a lot of people here but not much else to do, especially in the long ass winters. So it figures that the shit that's been going down in Egypt / Tunisia / Libya would hit the fan here soon, as any reason to party in the streets is a good one here.

Being that we're nerds and geeks and freaks here, there's been lots of awesome protest signs / costumes about Scumbag Steve, DeLoreans, AT-ATs, and Legend of Zelda to name a few. I finally traveled the 9 blocks to party with my cheesehead brothers and sisters this past Saturday and snapped a few pix of my favorites from the Kerfuffle At The Capitol that's going down in my hood:

A bit blurry (and kinky) but it says "Scott, why can't we be friends with benefits?"

I think I wandered into the wrong protest.

See that shit? 100,000 humans partying outside, Lambeau Field style, when it's 23 degrees F and snowing? We be hardcore.

I could get on a soapbox and rant for hours about the shit that's going down, but opinions are like assholes. Just look up the word "plutocracy" and you'll see what we've been living in this past decade, or perhaps "plutarchy" is a better term (plutocracy + oligarchy). Tax the fuck out of the rich again, which bait-and-switch Obama keeps forgetting to do, budget problems solved. It's us vs. them, in a nutshell. People are slowly waking up to this, more so now that it's finally hit the middle class who were too busy stuffing themselves at TGIFridays to give a shit until now. I remember a few years ago when there was a banking crisis in Brazil, the big news was that the middle class were rioting along with everyone else. I wondered if that would ever happen here, kind of doubted it but something finally is hitting them directly, instead of the stealthy indirect way that's been going on for years.....

Oh shit there I went ranting when I said I wouldn't. In short, I don't think this thing here in WI will end well in the short term, but maybe most people will start voting (an ounce of prevention that beats 100,000 people protesting the disease) for their best interests? Eh, maybe not, there's too many stupid douchehats.


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