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Visions from the 2012 Midwest Gaming Classic
Pics from this year's Midwest Gaming Classic, I.E. my kid-in-a-candy-store weekend:

Atari co-founder Ted Dabney joined us via Skype. The connection was shitty and a lot of what he said didn't come through. He said he's not buddies with Nolan Bushnell (the other co-founder) anymore because Nolan forgot that Ted had a daughter that he even used to babysit for.

Walter Day, the referee from the King Of Kong flick and keeper of the video game high score hall of records or something like that, stopped by to promote the Twin Galaxies video game superstar trading cards that he's now hawking. There was an autograph session later on, some of the people on the cards signed and gave away cards, but they didn't have any to buy. I bought some of Billy Mitchell's hot sauce from him when he was here 5 years ago. (No I don't have a hobby of going around buying hot sauce from celebrities, but this sauce had a special label on it for the MGC).

Yup, all you have to do to get your own video game trading card is stay awake for 2 days straight playing a video game, like what Tim McVeigh (no relation to the Oklahoma City bomber, or so he says) did to score a billion points playing Nibbler. Kitty McScratch thought my Infinity Invaderz LED watch was the best thing ever. The 2 guys who run the MGC got their own cards too, and they explained how they were going to throw in the towel after the 2004 event lost a shitload of money, but a shitload of people told them they had to keep going and would even volunteer to make it happen. Thus, in their words, they shared the card with a hundred others who gave of their time to make this event an annual reality. That was cool of them to share the credit.

This isn't a real pinball machine, it's a giant horizontal monitor that emulates the classic Star Wars pinball machine from the 90's. There's a vertical monitor that tells you that you're playing Star Wars pinball, so I'm assuming this is a multiple pinball game emulator, but I'm not sure.

A Moon Cresta cocktail machine. "Hey you little shit, this isn't a table for you to eat your lunch and play your 3DS, the table IS a game, move your stupid ass so I can play it."

Sadness. A broken arcade game. Don't worry little Wizard Of Wor game, the nice video game doctors are gonna make you all better. I hope.

My ass is beat so I'll post the rest of the pics I have some other day when I'm more awake. Only took me 6 weeks to get around to posting this, so it might be another month or 2.

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Tell me there's something like this that happens in Chicago on a regular basis.

Yeah the GG guys had a room at the MGC where they had some of their machines free to play, that Wizard Of Wor pic is them fixing one of their games. Star Arcade from Dekalb IL had a room there too. Considering a roadtrip to Dekalb to see how an arcade survives for 27 years.

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