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I read you nearly every day LJ but lately I'm too lazy to rant about douchecopters
My spill-proof coffee mug at work (these days it's just a black/green tea mug and occasionally a diet soda mug as I've mostly given up coffee) has been in service to me for more than 10 years at different jobs. For most of these years it has had a big Britney Spears sticker stuck to the side of it, the result of a lunch date at Taco Bell with a coworker in which the girl I was with plopped a couple of quarters in one of those sticker machines and commanded me to sport it on the mug. That was years before hipsters ruined the irony thing for everyone.

2 days ago at work I was washing out the mug in the sink in the break area. A girl from sales was washing out her mug next to me. She was rocking the sorostitute look: bleach blonde hair, fake tan in winter, general appearance suggesting she'd be terrified at the thought of marching to a different drummmer.

Out of nowhere she says to me "OMG I love Britney too!! Do you like Justin Beiber?"

"Uh... Nope" I said.

"Aw too bad" she says, "I thought we were feelin' each other for a second."

I have no idea if she sensed the irony on my mug and was being sarcastic, or if she was serious. I suspect the latter.

After being horrified at how I looked in a recent family photo, I've been on the Criminal Fitness Plan in which I've been downloading bootleg copies of things like the 4 Hour Body book and the P90X DVDs from file sharing sites because I'm broke as a joke. I'm not sure how to feel about the suggested diets in the 4 Hour book. Eating lots of egg whites and beans sounds like a good idea for someone who never leaves home as they can drop ass all they want, but I have to interact with bosses here and there and can't be constantly crapping my pants.


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